Wedding Info and Packages:

Hillbilly Parade can provide you with a variety of options for entertainment at your wedding. 

Packages and add on's are available to ensure your "big day" is just as big of a party. We'll provide a fun and professional day or night, starting with your wedding processional all the way through your reception. Options are available from solo guitar or piano to a full seven piece band. 

Want a little more variety with your entertainment for the night? We've got you covered. Choose songs you'd like us to learn or rely on our DJ to keep the dance floor moving during set breaks.


We're more than just a backyard wedding band. Keep us in mind this wedding season. 

Email or call us for inquiries or questions about our packages!

Jason Casterlin
(845) 787-6189

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"Our favorite band ever "Hillbilly Parade" played our wedding last weekend and they were nothing short of freaking AMAZING! Even leading up to the day, they accommodated us in every way possible and took a huge weight off of our shoulders! We knew we were in good hands because these guys have become great friends of ours. We are so thankful for them. Thank you guys for being the most talented, fun, easy-going band EVER. We love ya'll so much and can't wait to see you are your next gig." -Alison Meath

"We are so glad that we asked Hillbilly Parade to be the band at our wedding. The band honestly MADE the experience. They made sure to know exactly what we wanted while adding their own little flair as they do. We had dance music, we had square dancing, we had mellow music, we had it all! I also loved the back and forth between the band and DJ, it was perfect for the quieter moments like dinner time and such. We’ve made friends for life with this band, they are all wonderful people and we love the opportunity to seem them whenever we can. Thank you for making our wedding a WONDERFUL experience, it wouldn’t have been the same without you!” – Nina Morrison 


"It is our honor to share our story and recommendations for hiring this amazing band with future brides and grooms. 
Our story begins with a two soul mates finding one another later in life. We grew up in a country style way of living complete with historical farming backgrounds. We wanted to share a very simple rustic country styled wedding complete with a cool country band with our friends and family. We heard of Jason through Craig (the head chef at Wards Bridge Inn, Montgomery N.Y). Craig invited us to listen to the “Hillbilly Parade” band at the Orange County Choppers cafe located in Newburgh, N.Y. The band walked on stage with overalls, bare feet and that was it!! We loved that they were fun, lively, engaging and could handle anything (almost) that was requested of them. HIRED. 
Our wedding day was fast approaching. Jason was always available to sit and discuss our options and formats which were uniquely designed and created to cater to all of our ideas for our special day!!! 
Our wedding day arrived and so did Jason and the Crew. NO Questions nor Concerns. They were a “well-oiled machine” working well with the land owners, the catering staff, support staff and guests. The band executed the agreed plan exceeding our expectations coordinating the music for our event. 
Thank You Hillbilly Parade for all you did to create wonderful memories for our family!!!!"